Gift Baskets for Children & Teens

Children have a tremendous capacity for courage, hope, and simply having fun. Hopefully these gifts will help them turn their sorrow into hope and their fears into laughter.

Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, and when cancer is added to the usual ups and downs of your teen years it can sometimes seem more than a little overwhelming.

Browse our wonderful range of cancer gifts for children, teens and young adults.

Butterfly Kisses Cancer Basket
Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings - the perfect gift for a child who has someone in their live..
Doodles and Hugs for Girls Basket
Set of 12 push up crayons. It's like like painting with a pen! Perfect for any budding ..
Going Bananas!!
Had enough? Bored to tears? Think you are going bananas? Then go bananas with this cute little ba..
Super Hero Basket of Fun
This cool container holds a host of fun and cool gifts for anyone who loves to tinker and loves s..
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